Frequently Asked Questions


What steps towards my balanced wellness can I take now?

Well-being is made up of physical health, emotional nurture, mental stimulation, focus, clarity and spiritual nourishment. Therefore, in order to feel at our very best we need a complete approach that meets our needs in each of these areas. The best way to start a holistic self-care path for is to create a personal well-being plan. Start by categorizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself and then chose one activity that will support you in that area, in the most enjoyable and meaningful way to you. 

 Like introducing anything new, give it time. It may be easier to choose one thing to start with and commit to that so the practice doesn’t overwhelm your current schedule. You’ll soon experience how possible it is to create a balanced state of well-being. 

When we start to experience the value in caring for all parts of ourselves, we begin to feel more complete, fulfilled, healthier and happier, and we uncover a radiance that shines from inside out.  


How long have you been providing your services?

 My extensive experience and education in the fields of anatomy & physiology, natural wellness, herbalism, homeopathy and metaphysics has afforded me the honor of  providing holistic health opportunities and helping my clients empower themselves for 25 years.

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